Meet Our Team

Dr. Edward R. Swiderski, VMD

Dr. Ed graduated from the University of Penn in 1977.  He opened up Robbinsville Vet Clinic in 1981 and has been here ever since.  Dr. Ed is happily married to his wife Colleen and has two grown human children, Lizzy and Kat.   He also has many fur-children including, two dachshunds, three cats, a horse, some ferrets, and a chinchilla.  When Dr. Ed is not here working, he is an avid fisherman.

Stephanie Seyforth

Stephanie is the Office Manager and Lead Technician here at Robbinsville Veterinary Clinic.

Stephanie is a former pre-veterinary student who became a stay-at-home mom of five back in 1997. She has recently decided to continue her education in the veterinary field now that her own children have entered college. Currently, Stephanie is studying to become recertified as a licensed veterinary technician and exploring all aspects of veterinary work to see what really fits her best.

She began working with animals at the age of 15, where she had been volunteering at an animal shelter. Before that, even as early as five years old, she brought home every stray walk of life she found off the streets. Stephanie’s family has always been supportive of her love of animals. Her first job was working as a kennel tech, and over the years stayed with animal shelters due to her love of helping animals. By the age of 19, she began training at an animal shelter while going to pre-veterinary school.

For the past 21 years, Stephanie has run a non-profit animal rescue (Helping All Little Pipsqueaks) which she is still passionate about to this very day. She came to Robbinsville Veterinary Clinic one year ago working under Dr. Swiderski, who has been an essential key to my learning progress and seeing my own potential through his own passion for Veterinary work.

Stephanie is a mom of five children, a proud YOUNG grandma to three, and wife to an Airforce veteran. She takes pride in raising her family to be good human beings first and foremost. Going back to school, continuing her career after all of that, has been worth every challenge presented as well.

Alison M.

Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Tina A.

Veterinary Technician

Debra M.

Veterinary Technician

Lorraine S.

Ret. Practice Manager